Development of DRIVEBOSS Service

DRIVEBOSS Service is a cloud service that supports operations involving picking up and making rounds.
Plans and routes for picking up and making rounds are automatically made on a daily basis and
provided to drivers via Android/iOS smartphones.

In addition, drivers’ driving information is visualized to support the promotion of operational efficiency in addition to safe driving.
NTT DATA MSE has developed a system to realize this DRIVEBOSS Service.



Promotion to increase values by reflecting customers’ opinions upon services

DRIVEBOSS Service is a cloud service that supports operations involving picking up and making rounds.

Towards its realization, PCE aims to work as one with partners that have technological knowledge and development skills, raising the standards of the capabilities of service development and targets the expansion of business.


What we did

Development of smartphone application and route search engine

We developed the DRIVEBOSS application for Android/iOS smartphones that are implemented with many functions for drivers such as a function to navigate routes to visiting locations in conjunction with the Google Map application and also one that supports safe driving by giving drivers warnings about speeding, sudden acceleration and deceleration. In addition, to make visiting the rounds of locations in the optimal manner, we developed a route search engine utilizing AI.



Alleviating operational loads and providing quality services to nursing care sites

For day care nursing sites of short of manpower, pickup operations tended to be a great burden. With the DRIVEBOSS Service, we can automatically make efficient pickup plans and conduct pickup operations added with various “human” factors such as efficiency of routes, closeness of users and the necessity for wheelchairs, realizing drastic efficiency improvements and workstyle reforms. In addition, we can also offer quality services to users of nursing facilities.

Case of introducing DRIVEBOSS Service


Person responsible for DRIVEBOSS Service development
Panasonic Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

MSE fully comprehends the service development and application policies of ordering party

We selected MSE for the following three main reasons:

• is a partner of Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. in the development of vehicle-mounted devices and has know-how unique to vehicles,
•has ample experience in smartphone application development including NTT DOCOMO’s application, and
•above all else, has an understanding of DRIVEBOSS service development and application.

As for the functions of telematic services (in particular, drivers’ driving evaluations) that were considered to be difficult for smartphones, MSE’s know-how of vehicle-mounted devices has become a driving force for the application development of the iOS version in addition to the Android version, thereby expanding the range of DRIVEBOSS business.

In cooperation with MSE, we plan to make the development of smartphone applications an agile type. By promptly responding to users' opinions of our services and offering improved functions and new services, we will contribute to promoting users’ operational efficiency.