We support the evolution and development of products that provide additional convenience and new excitement to the lives of people.

Many products including mobile terminals, information appliances and medical equipment are closely related to our lives.
These products continue to evolve and become diversified, which is driven by technological progress.
We make products sophisticated by being particular about customer touchpoint,
thereby delivering new excitement to each and every customer.

why MSE

  • 01

    One-stop customer support

    We have a wide range of technologies for diverse products including mobile terminals, information appliances and medical equipment and are capable of conducting commercial development from upstream to downstream processes.

  • 02

    Designing support from the customers’ viewpoint

    We contribute to the emergence of business by supporting it from its very source such as DX concept planning and business model designing on the basis of results where we assist many major companies in the industry.

  • 03

    Advanced quality control skills

    We have experts in evaluation and verification with ample experience in software development and evaluation. From a wide variety of testing methods including automated ones, we choose and promote only the best of the best.


Embedded software development

  • Electronic home appliance-related development

    • Development of media players for applications such as public viewing and signage
    • TV/STB software development making use of existing assets to reduce costs
    • Development of software to be embedded in smartphones, from hardware control to applications

  • Medical/Office equipment development

    • Development of laboratory test equipment for blood, urine samples, etc.
    • Software platform development for MFPs to promote the commercialization of Android panels

  • Development of autonomous mobile robots for transportation

    • Implementation and evaluation towards improvements in autonomous movements and safety in outdoor deliveries

Development support service

  • Embedded Linux support

    OSS diagnosis service

    • Implementation of OSS diagnosis for Amazon Free RTOS and OSS diagnosis of air-conditioning equipment

    Performance evaluation/improvement support

    • Implementation of object selection/analysis/bottleneck countermeasures using Performance Value Measurement Method to improve start-up speed

  • Development environment building support

    Support introducing CI+AT environment

    • Conducting support of the introduction of Continuous Integration (CI) and AT environments as DevOps software development method