Once-in-a-century period of transformation
Mobility services “going forward” that will connect automobiles with the world, offer new values and realize an affluent society in the future

With the importance of software increasing on a daily basis, which is driven by in-progress changes due to shifts to CASE vehicles,
we have integrated the knowledge of the In-Car domain around embedded software development that is our strength,
and the Out-Car domain such as mobility services towards a new beginning for the automotive industry.
As a true digital partner to propose and lead customers’ changes, we will contribute to the industry’s further growth and development.

why MSE

  • 01

    Contributing to product-making with embedded technologies

    NTT DATA MSE has a comprehensive range of experience and technology pertaining to product development and software and contributes to product value improvements for customers, with customers and also from the viewpoint of customers.

  • 02

    Contributing to turning software into platforms

    Taking advantage of the know-how of architectural design, commercialization development and the management of embedded software, we contribute to the integration and standardization of in-vehicle software.

  • 03

    Synergies of knowledge for In-Car/Out-Car domains

    Taking advantage of our knowledge of the In-Car domain including the development of vehicle-mounted devices and the Out-Car domain such as mobility services, we contribute to the expansion of customers’ mobility business.


  • Development of in-vehicle software platform

    • Development of cockpit, AD & ADAS in Linux/Android-based OS towards the standardization of software as well as the development of communication units

  • Provision of embedded and verification services for collaboration with vehicle-mounted devices

    • Linux performance measurements/verifications as well as performance improvements
    • OSS diagnosis service support

  • Provision of collaborative solutions for vehicle-mounted devices and smartphones

    • Application and middleware development for linkage functions with smartphones (AndoridAuto/CarPlay/MirrorLink) plus authentication support
    • Development of operation management services for smartphones by utilizing vehicle information and route search engines