Keywords: Three “Connections”
Unifying the world through diverse digital services while accelerating technological evolutions

We live in an age when everything such as electronic home appliances, automobiles, buildings and factories are all connected to networks as “a matter of course,” in addition to conventional terminals such as computers and smartphones.
In particular, the automotive, medical and consumer industries are undergoing drastic change in terms of DX.
Amidst all of this, we continue to deliver changes and excitement to customers with three “Connections” as keywords:
“Connecting technologies,” “Connecting customers” and “Connecting business.”

why MSE

  • 01

    Flexible development style

    Based on a vast pool of experience in large-scale development, agile development, microservice architecture and cloud-native, we propose optimal development styles.

  • 02

    Designing support from the customers’ viewpoint

    We contribute to the emergence of business by supporting it from its very source such as DX concept planning and business model designing on the basis of results where we assist many major companies in the industry.

  • 03

    Diverse group cooperation

    Through cooperation with group companies, it allows us to make large-scale server cooperation, big data analysis, AI utilization and many other diverse offers that take complete advantage of the strengths of individual companies.


  • Communication carrier services

    • Offer one-stop service application development for communication carriers by taking advantage of the development technologies of mobile terminals and servers that are our strengths

  • Retail/Logistics services

    • Develop customer purchase data analysis services for the distribution industry by utilizing real-world and Internet information
    • Development of omnichannel-based large-scale EC sites and that of visiting point services using smartphones

  • System building of power-related services, etc.

    • Development of solar power generation monitoring system to collect sensor data of solar panels to the cloud via the Internet and control equipment from administrator’s computer

  • Cloud platform development

    • Building infrastructure for customer purchase data analysis with Tableau BI tool
    • Full stack development of labor productivity monitoring system to collect vital health, location and other information and accumulate/analyze/visualize data