Our handling of personal information on this website

NTT DATA MSE Corporation recognizes the importance of personal information and positions activities for personal information protection as a fundamental activity. We are aware that to sincerely and earnestly execute initiatives that protect personal information is our social responsibility, set our privacy policy as given below and spare no effort to make it universally known among all officers, employees and partners.

1. Proper collection, use, offer and disposition of personal information

  1. In collecting your personal information, with the exception of cases where there is a risk of violating any right and/or interest of you or any third party, we will disclose the purpose of our use to you and upon your agreement, collect the information. We will use personal information collected solely for the purpose, establish its extent of use and handle it appropriately.
  2. Unless the provision of collected personal information is ordered based on laws and regulations, we will not provide any personal information to any third party without prior consent from you.
  3. If any collected personal information is disposed of to a third party, we will choose a party that has a sufficient standard of personal information protection and appropriately deal with it by giving due instructions and controls after providing that such party shall maintain a level of protection through contract, etc.

2. Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure, correction, termination of use, etc.

With regard to personal information in our possession, we will take action promptly within a reasonable range.

3. Prevention and correction of loss, damage, leakage of and unauthorized access to personal information

We will strictly control your personal information and take preventive measures against any risks including but not limited to loss, damage, leakage and/or unauthorized access. We will set precise rules of appropriate handling and use of personal information and appoint a responsible person.

4. Compliance with laws, regulations and other rules relevant to personal information

Officers, employees and partners of our company will comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and other relevant rules pertaining to personal information protection and secrets of communication.

5. Continuous improvement of our privacy policy and internal rules

To enable personal information protection as required by society to be effectively conducted, we continually improve our privacy policy and internal rules.

6. Inquiry about handling of personal information and point of contact for consultation

We respond to inquiries and/or consultation at a designated contact point within a reasonable range.

Handling of personal information relating to employment

Described below is the purpose, handling, etc. of personal information (based on the definition of “personal information” below) collected by NTT DATA MSE Corporation in its employment activities.

1. Personal information to be collected

With employment activities, personal information including names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and school names will be collected and used.

2. Purpose of collecting personal information

For employment activities, personal information will be collected and used within a range necessary for achieving the objectives below.
Should any additions and/or changes in the original purpose of use occur, such additions and/or changes will be notified to you and used upon your agreement.

  1. Deepen understanding about our company
  2. Provide our employment information to applicants
  3. Use as references in our employment activities
  4. Collect information necessary for the procedures to join us

3. Provision of personal information to a third party

We may provide personal information to a third party upon your prior agreement except when:

  1. the provision is required by the provisions of laws and/or regulations,
  2. it is necessary to protect your critically important benefits such as life, health and assets and it is difficult to obtain your agreement,
  3. it is necessary to protect public interest and it is difficult to obtain your agreement, and
  4. it is necessary to assist the affairs to be performed by a national institution or local municipality as provided by laws and/or regulations and there is a hindrance to its performance.
    It should be noted that we may disclose personal information to the minimum necessary for performing employment operations to a business agent to which we subcontract operations. We have concluded an agreement to stipulate the prohibition of use of disclosed personal information for any purpose other than the purpose of operations and the requirement of appropriate handling of the information (basic memorandum on personal information protection) between the business agent and us.

4. Management of personal information

Any personal information collected will be stored in our exclusive database, etc. and strictly controlled within a reasonable range so that no third party can make unauthorized access to personal information in our possession. In addition, when we judge that such personal information is not needed to be maintained, we will delete the information.

5. Inquiries about personal information

We will respond to inquiries within a reasonable range insofar as the inquirer is identified to be you. For your request of disclosure, correction and/or termination of use of personal information, we will respond after you make an inquiry to our point of contact. Please note that we will not answer any inquiry about content and results of selection.

Toshi Fujiwara, Representative Director and President