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NTT DATA MSE is providing both server and client solutions to realize eMBMS (enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) function with Expway’s solution, which is technology standardized in “3GPP(*1) Release 9”, to our customers.
We have constructed the demonstration system with “eBox”, which is Expway’s product, and this system will be showcased as “Video Broadcasting over eMBMS technology” at our booth (hall W5 H.42) at Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS) to be held in Shanghai, China starting on July 15th, 2015.
If you will be visiting MWCS, please be sure to stop by.

Event Information

Time               July 15th (Wed.) through July 17th (Fri.), 2015
Location        Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China
URL                Mobile World Congress Shanghai Official Website


Title                 Video Broadcasting over eMBMS technology
Overview       “Video Broadcasting over eMBMS technology” is the demonstration to showcase the movie broadcasting.
                         Utilizing eMBMS, it makes possible to multicast any types of data to users via LTE networks.
                         This demonstration system realize the video streaming over eMBMS, and watch and show received contents on eMBMS enabled device.

Figure1.Overview of “Video Broadcasting over eMBMS technology”

eMBMS solutions and services from NTT DATA MSE

NTT DATA MSE and Expway are collaborating to provide eMBMS End-to-End solution.
We have both of client and server solution, so it is possible to provide overall system with very high affinity for LTE networks.

eMBMS client middleware solution
We provide eMBMS client middleware, which controls LTE modems and receives / decodes broadcasted multicast-streaming contents, with DASH(*2) client.
This middleware is not depend on any OS / chipset, so it is possible to gear up with any types of smart devices.
Our solution have high reliability and is already introduced to North America’s market and Asian market, expected to be introduced in European and China market.

eMBMS server component solution
We provide a content generating / delivery server component called “BM-SC (Broadcast Multicast Server Center)” and delivery control server component called “BPS (Broadcast Provisioning Server)”.
These are reliable components which compliant with 3GPP spec, and already adopted by North America’s network vendors and a verification simulator vendor.

eMBMS development support service
Utilizing wealth of embedded software development knowledge, we provide the software implementation, evaluation, and integration service to customers’ software environment.

eMBMS demonstration kit “eBox”
“eBox” is eMBMS a compact fully pre-integrated LTE eMBMS platform for demonstration / simple evaluation kit.
This kit is very suitable for demonstration, or evaluation for the application designed for eMBMS service.
This kit is delivered with essential LTE infrastructure components, so customer can evaluate their eMBMS service with the environment which is close to real network.

Figure 2. NTT Data MSE’s eMBMS End-to-End solution overview

NTT DATA MSE and Expway will deepen our relationship and expand IPDC (*3) solutions, including eMBMS, to both of domestic and international market aggressively.

(*1) 3GPP : Abbreviation for “3rd Generation Partnership Project”. Please refer to 3GPP website for details.
(*2) DASH : Abbreviation for “Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP”. One of MPEG video streaming protocol standardized at ISO.
(*3) IPDC : Abbreviation for “Internet Protocol Data Cast”. Technology to broadcast multimedia files (text, picture, movie, etc.) on IP packet via broadcast wave or communication networks.