Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting 2017 Showcase


NTT DATA MSE Corporation has implemented a connectivity functionality (Miracast) onto a Connected Car platform provided by Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), which is workgroup of Linux Foundation ( and realized the demonstration environment work on Renesas Electronics’ R-Car M2 Application Development Board.
This environment will be showcased as “Proposal of a use case for a drive using Miracast technology” at NTT DATA MSE’s booth during the AGL All Member Meeting 2017 (AGL AMM 2017) to be held at HILTON TOKYO ODAIBA in Tokyo, Japan starting on February 8th, 2017.

Also Keiichiro Maeda, who belongs to Platform Strategy Office, will have the presentation session, “Realization of Connectivity Technology Onto AGL”. In this presentation, we will introduce solution approaches which can apply to the development of applications run on AGL UCB.
If you will be visiting AGL AMM 2017, please be sure to stop by.

Event Information

Time                 February 8th(Wed.) through February 9th(Thu.), 2017
Location          HILTON TOKYO ODAIBA, Tokyo, Japan
URL                  Linux Foundation
                          AGL All Member Meeting Official Website


Title Proposal of a use case for a drive using Miracast technology
Demonstration of the realization of smartphone Link function which is Miracast onto AGL UCB. The video and audio are streaming from a smartphone via Miracast and played on rear display through the MOST network. NTT DATA MSE will provide a service that a driver can get the drive information and passengers can get the entertainment.

Fig. Overview of “Proposal of a use case for a drive using Miracast technology”

Session Information

Time                 February 8th, 2017 16:10 – 17:00
Presenter         Keiichiro Maeda
                          Deputy Manager
                          Platform Strategy Office, Platform Strategy Team
                          NTT DATA MSE CORPORATION

Overview      「Realization of Connectivity Technology Onto AGL」

NTT DATA MSE has investigated and implemented a connectivity technology which is Miracast in the AGL UCB from Version 1.0. We had to integrate Multimedia function, Wireless function, UI function, and so on for the implementation of Miracast. And then, we have resolved some issues with the integration using our knowledge.
We will introduce approaches gained from resolving them, and information for implementation of AGL applications.

NTT DATA MSE will contribute to drive AGL commercialization forward through function extension or customization of Connected Car platform.

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