Join “The SmartDeviceLink™ Consortium, Inc.”


We are pleased to announce that NTT DATA MSE Corporation joined an NPO “The SmartDeviceLink Consortium, Inc. (: SDLC)” established for management and development of the open source platform “SmartDeviceLink (: SDL)” for connecting applications on a smartphone to an in-vehicle head unit.

SDL allows users to operate applications on a smartphone through a touch panel on a vehicle or a voice recognition function.

We have started R&D using SDL since 2017 and presented the results through the sessions and demonstration exhibitions at the various events. We will continue to contribute to the further SDL development based on our advantages of IoT service solutions and embedded technologies.

Future society will be one where various devices easily connect to networks to bring a new level of convenience, economy, and security to our lifestyles. We refer to this type of lifestyle as a “Smart Life Community®.” We will daily continue to provide the various IoT service solutions and learn the elemental technologies in order to achieve this society.