About the New Management Team


We hereby announce a new management team as per the below details, which was appointed on June 16, 2023.

1. Management Team
Representative Director and President Toshi Fujiwara
Director and Executive Officer Kunihiro Ishikawa
Director and Executive Officer Junichi Ito
Director and Executive Officer Kenji Morita
Director and Executive Officer Masaya Nishizawa
Director Hiroshi Sugiyama
Director Keisuke Nishie
Director Shinichi Higuchi
Director Masamoto Tanabiki
Auditing Officer Hideaki Fukuchi
Executive Officer Yuriko Kan
Executive Officer Shigeru Fujita
Executive Officer Hiroki Higuchi
Executive Officer Masashi Tomioka
Executive Officer Naoyuki Suzuki

2. Newly appointed director
Representative Director Toshi Fujiwara

Director Masaya Nishizawa

Director Hiroshi Sugiyama

3. Newly appointed auditing officer
Auditing Officer Hideaki Fukuchi