HINO-CONNECT+ Service Development

HINO-CONNECT+ is the first paid service to be newly developed as part of HINO-CONNECT, a service that supports customers’ business based on connected data, which has been available since 2018 towards the realization of Digital Vision* that is heralded by Hino Motors. As an initial offering from this service, secure eco-driving support service has been available since January 2022. NTT DATA MSE took the lead for the development of the smartphone application architecture and the implementation of a design system to support HINO-CONNECT+, thereby contributing to Hino Motors to solve management issues unique to individual customers as well as social challenges through this service.

*Hino Motors Digital Vision: Hino Motors will be “connected” with customers and society via data, communicate with them “interactively” on a “real-time” basis, and “be always there for” customers.



Assuming responsibility for the development of the smartphone application architecture that is a linchpin of the project, while facing a “first,” “short timeframe” and other difficulties.

Hino Motors undertakes various initiatives towards the realization of a rich, easy-for-living and sustainable society.
In this context, the smartphone application architecture had a crucial position as the foundation of supporting “business support expansion with DX through the utilization of smartphones.” For Hino Motors, it would not only be the foundation for the company’s first commercial service utilizing smartphones but also a short-term development, resulting in requirements for the definition of common functions to realize a “secure eco-driving support service” as well as the expertise involving the construction of architecture for properly securing the expandability of basic infrastructure.

Figure: smartphone application architecture
Realizing end-to-end provision of values for customers by implementing services based on PCs for smartphones


What we did

Comprehensive support for the expansion of DX domain from medium and long-term perspectives

In consideration of development in a short period of time, it was necessary to build an architecture for a small start in order to realize an initial service. Along with this, to expand the customers’ business with DX in the medium and long-term, we felt it would be important not only to enable the selection of optimal services on a single platform, depending on challenges customers have, but also to have specifications that can be revised to expand services that meet customers’ needs as required. Therefore, in the phase to examine requirements, we not only aligned understanding on a group of common functions to be realized with the architecture but also carefully discussed and designed what should be realized in later functional extensions.

We also supported smooth project management from the viewpoint of Hino Motors in a wide range of domains other than the scope of smart application architecture, in the development of basic infrastructure and common functions and also in the operational design of services in total, evaluations, planning of integrated UI design guidelines, Hino Motors’ DX promotion support (total and test control).



Completed outstandingly difficult project
Contributing to solving customer challenges and realizing safe and eco-friendly society

AS HINO-CONNECT+ is the first paid service for Hino Motors, in providing the service, we experienced many situations where very difficult project management was required such as operational preparations and solutions of challenges in a multi-vendor development. Thinking from the customer’s point of view and extending considerate support led to the successful provision of the service.

We are contributing not only to the solutions of challenges that Hino Motors heralds such as the prevention of car accidents and the reduction of CO2 emissions through the smartphone application architecture that supports secure eco-driving support services but also to the realization of a safe and eco-friendly society through such a project.


Mr. Hosoya
DX Promotion Department, Hino Motors, Ltd.

Solving challenges as one from the viewpoint of Hino Motors

Through solutions utilizing connected data of trucks and buses, we contribute to solving challenges that customers and society have. For this project, we requested NTT DATA MSE to build a smartphone application architecture as its foundation.

After we requested a proposal from NTT DATA MSE, we felt that the content of the proposal that especially considered our position who lacked experience in developing paid digital services was promising, in addition to the company’s reliable technological capabilities and field records in the field of mobile services and decided to work together as partners.

The development phase actually become a multi-vendor development where the secure eco-driving support service that was the main application and the analysis infrastructure of connected data were carried out simultaneously. NTT DATA MSE supported us not only in terms of design and development of the system infrastructure but also with project management such as issue and progress management with an overview of the project. As the company solved issues in this very complicated project one after the other, the service was launched on the date we asked for. The most precious thing was that they studied and carried out solutions against issues that had come up one after another from our perspective.

We anticipate a wide range of support in terms of not only development but also operation and maintenance, and with this continuing partnership, we aim to contribute to solving social issues in the field of logistics and the flow of people.