Open-Source Software (OSS) Development Support Service

Taking advantage of the know-how in relation to OSS that has been cultivated through many field records of development, we provide services such as OSS diagnosis, OSS vulnerability response and study sessions/seminars for customers who may be worried about OSS measures. We comprehensively support customers’ product development utilizing OSS by taking all proper measures for OSS.



In the present day where using OSS is a matter of course
Supporting indispensable measures for OSS to avoid risks

In recent years, in order to shorten development timeframes and reduce licensing fees, it has become common to use OSS for software development. On the other hand, this poses a challenge in that unless OSS is used with the proper and correct knowledge and understanding, there are risks involved such as license violations, own source code exposure, information leakage, lawsuits and damage to a corporate image.

While individual companies are accelerating efforts for a better understanding and promotion of OSS,
based on know-how about OSS that has been cultivated through many field records of development, we are expanding the range of services for wider coverage to ensure that we contribute to customers worrying about how to deal with OSS.


What we did

Offering optimal support services tailored to the conditions and purposes of individual customers

We mainly offer three services. We conduct interviews in advance to understand each customer’s level of skills, purpose and conditions at that time, and propose detailed content of support customized for individual customers and implement actual services.

•OSS diagnosis service
Specialist engineers analyze a product’s source code and binary files to diagnose as to whether OSS is being used and the type of OSS being used.

•OSS vulnerability response
We check the presence of security vulnerability contained in OSS, apply patches if any vulnerability is detected and support development from implementation to evaluation.

•Study sessions/seminars
We host study sessions covering basic information on OSS, items to pay attention to at the time of implementation, etc. to administrators and persons in charge of legal affairs, intellectual properties, development, operation and maintenance based on the degree of skills of the participants. We strive to improve customers’ skill levels through diverse seminars such as “OSS Overview” for those with a limited knowledge of OSS, “Detailed Explanation of OSS” for an understanding of the features of representative OSS licenses, “Utilization in Business” that presents corporate strategies and utilization cases for business applications of OSS and “Patents and Copyrights” to understand OSS licenses as well as issues about patent rights and copyrights.



Contributing to customers’ product development with comprehensive support of proper measures for OSS

By taking the proper measures for OSS through diverse services, the level of security is improved, thereby contributing to product developments without OSS issues.

In addition, it is essential for not only field staff in charge but also managers to sufficiently understand the importance of such measures. We extend comprehensive support to customers by, for example, hosting seminars tailored for “administrators,” “developers” and “novices” to ensure that participants can master items that certain positions need to be aware of.