Engaged in the building of a new evaluation system for XR technology in consideration of drastically shifting software evaluation criteria

Software has conventionally been evaluated from the perspective of verification (relatively objective). However, in recent years, a perspective of validation (relatively subjective) has additionally been required. Under these conditions, XR technology* has now become a technology whose market scale has grown to the largest level, as a means of new communication to replace face-to-face communication. To lead this shift in the worldwide view of evaluation on the basis of XR technology, NTT DATA MSE (“MSE”) has been engaged in the building of a new evaluation system that evaluates experiences and values to be delivered to users in XR (VR, AR, MR, SR) content in addition to total services using such content.

*XR refers to X reality or Extended Reality. It is comprised of MR, SR and other technologies, in addition to VR and AR.


What we did

In addition to the establishment of an evaluation system and development of evaluation methods, built an MSE XR Studio, which was launched to improve evaluation environments

MSE was quick to pay attention to the importance of XR technology. We launched a study group specializing in XR in 2019, engaged in building a new XR evaluation system. Based on the results of quality evaluations and data from actual projects while incorporating academic viewpoints and public guidelines, this is an unprecedented and unique evaluation system, equipped with a validation (relatively subjective) perspective. In terms of evaluation methods, MSE developed the XR Pair Test that involves a pair of Operator and Navigator. In 2021, we built a studio exclusive for XR (MSE XR Studio) where evaluations in environments close to actual sites are possible such as evaluations of brightness and environmental colors that are similar to those of sites, evaluations of visibility of AR content and evaluations of sound-causing content.



Acquired numerous track records in evaluation projects with an increase of actual XR-related projects

Since 2020, the number of actual XR-related projects has been increasing year by year. MSE has accumulated track records in numerous XR-related evaluation projects including events, theme parks, museums and corporate XR experiences.