Development of large-scale software for vehicle-mounted devices

Took the lead in the development of large-scale software for vehicle-mounted devices
and mobility services pertaining to vehicle development by DENSO

IVI/Meter/TCU/Electronic PF/AD & ADAS/Platform/Virtualization technology/OSS utilization/HMI-PF/AI utilization/
Project Management/Linux/QNX/Hypervisor/AUTOSAR/Carplay & Android Auto/ETC 2.0/Mobility services/CASE/MaaS



Offering new added values as required by the automotive industry
Increasing importance of software in supporting evolution

It has been a long time since the automotive industry is in the midst of a once-in-a-century period of transformation. In recent years, automobiles have been required to offer new added values such as collaborations with external partners and service provision. The software to support this has become larger in scale and even more complicated. As a result, a large proportion of the product value is now assumed to be derived from software whose importance is increasing on a regular basis.

With financing by DENSO in 2016, NTT DATA MSE built a joint development structure with DENSO. As a core company of DENSO’s large-scale software development, we are responsible for the development of vehicle-mounted devices such as IVI, meters, TCU, electronic PF, AD & ADAS, platforms for vehicle-mounted devices and servers.


What we did

Took the lead in the development of large-scale software for vehicle-mounted devices and mobility services pertaining to vehicle development by DENSO

The joint development with DENSO is conducted through a structure where the two companies’ strengths are fully exploited. DENSO provides the know-how on “architecture,” “development methods” and “safety and quality designs” in vehicle development. MSE provides management experience of large-scale software developments, development processes and architecture technologies as well as cloud development and operation technologies. By integrating them, we can respond to large-scale software developments for vehicle-mounted devices in addition to mobility service development.

With the development of software for vehicle-mounted devices, MSE assumed responsibility for “Products.” We not only responded to vehicle manufacturers and factories but were also engaged in UX/UI improvement proposals in view of end users as well as specifications, architecture and design proposals from the perspective of software/services, thus taking charge of upstream development “from the same position as DENSO” and as a “software specialist.”

To be more precise, MSE participated in ultra-upstream development such as specification planning and upstream designs. We contributed to stabilizing quality by reducing software errors due to the reworking of development caused by overlooked specification studies and insufficient designs. In addition, we took advantage of our experience with processes/methods of large-scale software developments and mass product developments to conduct management, evaluation and integration as well as PMO and other cross-functional activities of the entire development while promoting standardization/commonization of software platforms and project management plus DX, providing software with high efficiency and quality.



Each product has been highly evaluated in Japan and global markets.

MSE has contributed to the commercialization of IVI, meters, TCU, electronic PF and AD & ADAS products (domestic/global models) by DENSO. Every product has been highly appreciated by the markets.