Performance Verification of Embedded Linux

Introducing performance verification technology on Linux kernel level

Embedded Linux installed on a wide variety of equipment

Embedded Linux is installed on a wide variety of built-in systems such as smartphones, car navigation systems, television receivers, network devices, FA and medical equipment.

Different from Linux for universal use such as Linux Server, embedded Linux requires resource management, optimization for equipment on which it is embedded, etc. In addition, a high level of real-time performance is also needed.

Performance verification technology of embedded Linux from NTT DATA MSE

We have a wide range of technologies and mechanisms to improve response performance on a Linux kernel level.

Detailed performance measurements and visualization

Our proprietary performance profiling tools for embedded Linux enable users to check on performance at any arbitrary tracing point and measure CPU use conditions.

Identifying the causes of bottlenecks

By comparing the cause patterns of the performance deterioration of embedded Linux (our previous case groups up to now) and analyzing measurement results, a list of bottleneck causes can be created.

Application cases (manufacturers of vehicle-mounted devices)

Setup of optimal kernel resources for target equipment
Design incorporating Linux process scheduling
Speed-up of Linux startup
Log analysis and debugging methods
Automated integration
Large-scale development process