Secure OS [TOMOYO Linux]

Introducing TOMOYO Linux with high-security strength

Improving security of Linux

As open-source software, Linux is widely and steadily used in digital equipment including cellular phones and electric home appliances and various other devices around the world. By using TOMOYO Linux that is distributed as a security-strengthening function for Linux, development with reduced security risks can be carried out.

Features of TOMOYO Linux

TOMOYO Linux prevents unauthorized operations on a kernel level, thereby assuring a high level of security.

High-security strength

TOMOYO Linux prevents unauthorized operations with root privileges as access is controlled on Linux kernel level.

Easy implementation

No special hardware is required, as implementation is done solely by software.

Flexible customization

Security policies can be freely customized under security requirements.

TOMOYO is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation.

Linux is a registered trademark or trademark of Linus Torvalds in Japan and other countries.