Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting 2017 Breakout session & Showcase


NTT DATA MSE Corporation will have a breakout session and a demonstration at the Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting (: AMM), which will be held from Oct. 18th, 2017 in Dresden, Germany, hosted by Automotive Grade Linux and The Linux Foundation.

For AMM, in anticipation of business development in Europe, we have established a cooperation system with NTT DATA Romania, and have built a demonstration.
In the breakout session, Hiroto Imamura, Manager, and Miyata Koichi, Assistant Manager, and NTT DATA Romania, will give a speech on “Leverage Vehicle Information with SmartDeviceLink onto AGL”.

Additionally, we will showcase a demonstration system which implements a connectivity functionality “SmartDeviceLink™ (: SDL)”, which connects smart devices and IVI systems, onto Automotive Grade Linux Unified Code Base (: AGL UCB) and Android™.

Event Information

Time                    Oct. 18th (Wed.) through Oct. 19th (Thu.)
Venue                  Hilton Dresden
URL                      Automotive Grade Linux
                              The Linux Foundation
                              Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting

Breakout session Information

Time                     Oct. 18th (Wed.) 16:10 – 17:05
Presenter             Hiroto Imamura – Manager
                              Koichi Miyata – Assistant Manager
                              NTT DATA MSE Corporation
                              Bojan Mrazovac – Manager
                              NTT DATA Romania S.A.
Overview             Leverage Vehicle Information with SmartDeviceLink onto AGL



Implemented SDL application (Movie playback / Map) and leverage vehicle information


  1. SDL application (Movie Playback / Map)
    Our company implemented Movie Playback application and Map application for SDL.
    For driver distraction, contents on a display can be switched using vehicle information acquired via IVI systems.
  2. Collaboration
    For the further development of AGL, we collaborated with the AGL member Fujitsu Ten Limited and Alps Electric Co., Ltd. solutions to build a demonstration system.

Fujitsu Ten Limited :     CAN Simulator, Vehicle Information Management
Alps Electric Co., Ltd. : Bluetooth / Wi-Fi combo module for IVI

Figure 1. Overview of “Implemented SDL application and leverage vehicle information”

  • SDL application supported movie playback and map can be run.
    For driver distraction, contents on a display can be switched using vehicle information.
  • A smart device acquires vehicle information, which is issued by steering controller, via an IVI system and upload it to AWS server.
  • Uploaded vehicle information can be browsed via a PC or a tablet.

Our company will contribute to drive commercialization and practical realization of both AGL and SDL forward through organizing and performing collaboration with the other AGL related companies or function extension.

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