Towards the realization
of the Smart Life Community®

At NTT DATA MSE, our corporate vision is “Smart Life Community®”, which is an initiative to realize an abundant and secure lifestyle in which numerous devices connect to the network.

Mobile and cloud based services have evolved due to rapid advancements in information communications devices, including advancements in wide area networking and Internet related technologies, smartphones, and tablets.

As a result, many new business models are being developed in numerous domains, such as telematics, health care, logistics, and manufacturing.

Accordingly, the Internet of Things (IoT) that connects things, people, processes, and data, has removed the barriers that existed between numerous industries to accelerate the trend towards borderless services. This is sure to enable all of us to achieve a more comfortable lifestyle.

The multitalented personnel at our company, possessing both knowledge in the embedded software domain for mobile, automotive, and information appliance services, and the systems development knowledge, such as the cloud, required to realize those services, all knowledge that we have long focused on. We believe that these personnel will contribute greatly to the new IoT era and provide higher added value.

We believe that the development of IoT related services will further ensure the realization of the “Smart Life Community®”. To that end, we believe that “the people are the driving force”. We will continue to cultivate multitalented personnel to provide services that contribute to new value and lifestyles through mutual connectivity between devices and systems.

Representive Director and PresidentHidenori Tsuzuki