Towards realizing
Smart Life Community®

NTT DATA MSE is striving to realize Smart Life Community® that connects things to things and people to people, effectively contributing to prosperous and safe lives.

With the evolution of smartphones, tablets and other information devices as well as technological reforms such as mobile and the cloud, digital technology has further increased its importance, as the emergence of new services for connected vehicles illustrates.

With such changes, new business models have been created in a wide variety of fields. Especially in the automotive domain, the development of next-generation automobiles as symbolized by CASE has been advanced and is about to bring about unprecedented reforms.

We have long contributed to the development of customers and society through embedded software and other advanced technological strengths.

Our field of activities has expanded to automotive and mobile by taking advantage of the technologies we have developed through product development. We have grown into one of only a few IT companies in Japan that is equipped with a wide range of technological strengths, from IoT to the cloud. Our business domain is not limited to conventional development styles and is expanding to upper stream processes such as planning and proposals to solve customers’ business issues.

What we are aiming for is to become a digital partner that supports customers’ reforms through flexible ideas and diverse digital technologies. We convinced that such a challenge will lead to the realization of Smart Life Community® as heralded in our corporate vision.

Without saying that the very driving force of our company taking on these challenges towards the future is human resources. We aim to be a company in which the growth of employees and the development of the company will cause synergy, form a cycle and further contribute to the realization of a prosperous and sustainable society.

Representive Director and PresidentToshi Fujiwara